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To get an application for the NDIS ready you may need to prepare a lot of information. Some people may find it very confusing and complicated. reimagine.today will take you through some of the things you will need to know and think about while preparing your application. To support you this website has two main types of resources; a downloadable workbook and interactive online activities. Please note that everyone’s application will be different so there may be some extra information that you will be asked to provide that is not covered in this website.

Your reimagine.today peers


In some sections of reimagine.today you will find interactive online activities that give you examples of how to complete the workbook activities. These activities are based around three people and their lives. Take a few minutes to get to know these people.

Your reimagine.today workbook

To help support your application we have developed the tool Reimagine Your Life: A workbook to support you. As you work through this website you will be guided to activities in the reimagine.today workbook where you can write down your ideas and answers. You can then use this workbook to help support your NDIS application. In your reimagine.today workbook you will find a section called ‘About Me’. This is something you can use when you meet new support people to help them understand who you are. You can include as much or as little information in it as you want. Make sure you add all the important information you would like people to know but remember to be safe and only put information you are comfortable sharing.


Download the Reimagine Your Life: A workbook to support you to write down your ideas and answers as you explore the site.

The reimagine.today workbook can help you prepare for the NDIS