Step 4

Access Request Form and Supporting Evidence Form

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An official Access Request Form or Supporting Evidence Form can only be provided by the National Disability Insurance Agency. For more information visit:


Everyone who wants to access the NDIS will have to complete an Access Request Form and/or Supporting Evidence Form.

If you do not currently receive disability support services, you will complete an Access Request Form.

If you currently receive disability services, you will complete a Supporting Evidence Form; but only if the National Disability Insurance Agency feels that they don’t know you or your needs well enough.

The forms will gather your personal details, contact information, information about your supporters and details about your disability.

There are different ways you can complete an Access Request Form. Some people choose to complete the form over the phone. The National Disability Insurance Agency representative will ask you questions, and through working with you, they will complete the form for you. Questions will be asked to:

  • Confirm your identity and/or a person’s authority to act on your behalf
  • Confirm your agreement to enter the NDIS
  • Seek permission to gather information about you from other people (eg, your family, current support provider, GP or other health worker)
  • Determine if you meet the NDIS access requirements (this may relate to your age, residence, and disability).

Some people may not feel comfortable doing this over the phone. If you would prefer, you can ask to be sent a paper form which you can complete and return to the National Disability Insurance Agency. A National Disability Insurance Agency representative or your supporters can help you to complete the form.

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