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What happens after the NDIA has my access request?

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You can give the National Disability Insurance Agency your NDIS application (your completed Access Request Form and supporting information) in-person, or by post. Once you have provided them with your NDIS application they will assess it based on the evidence you have provided. If they need more information, they will contact you and you may be required to submit further evidence.

Decision time-frame

The National Disability Insurance Agency will contact you to let you know their decision within 21 days of your application being ‘lodged’. An application is considered lodged when they have received the application and all supporting evidence. This means that if you have given the National Disability Insurance Agency permission to contact other people to get additional information, they will contact you with a decision 21 days after they have received all the information they need from those people.

If there is a delay in assessing your application for any reason, they will let you know why there is a delay. If you do not hear from them within 21 days of all information being lodged, you should follow up for an update and to ensure there are no problems. You can ask another person to help you do this.

Decision notification

Once the National Disability Insurance Agency has made a decision they will send a letter informing you of the decision. When you make your access request you can ask for another person to also be sent a copy of the decision letter.

The National Disability Insurance Agency’s decision will be one of the following:
  1. you are eligible and have met their ‘disability requirements’ or ‘early intervention requirements’ OR
  2. you are not eligible for the NDIS.

If the National Disability Insurance Agency has found you not to be eligible they will provide information explaining their decision. If you do not understand why you are not eligible you can ask for more information. You can ask for this in writing.

The letter will also tell you how to request a review if you do not agree with the National Disability Insurance Agency’s decision. You will need to make this review request within three months of being notified of the decision. If you do not do this within three months and want to reapply then you will need to make a new access request.

You may need to provide further evidence of psychosocial disability and this is why it is so important to understand why you were found not eligible.

If you are not eligible for an NDIS funded package, you may be able to receive supports for your disability and your recovery elsewhere. Ask the National Disability Insurance Agency or their Local Area Coordinator community partner to tell you about other services in your local area. For contact details check out the Who to contact for help page

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