Step 5

My future hopes and dreams

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So we’ve covered making choices and decisions. Let’s look at your hopes and dreams and how they might become a reality.

Everyone has hopes and dreams. The NDIS refer to hopes and dreams as aspirations. Aspirations are something you would like to have happen in your future. Some aspirations might be big and long term and maybe seem impossible while others might be smaller and achievable sooner. As part of any recovery journey it is important to have aspirations to work towards. There are many areas in your life that you might have aspirations for.

In your reimagine.today workbook we are going to explore some of your hopes and dreams. There are many different areas of your life that you might have hopes and dreams about. Here are some areas of everyday life that you might have hopes and dreams for:

  • Choice and control – This is about having people you love and support, and people who love and support you.  This could be friends, family, children, a partner or spouse.
  • Daily activities – These are the day-to-day things you do in your life like cooking, shopping and cleaning and going places.
  • Relationships – This is about the people in your life and whether you want them in your life.
  • Home – This is about the place that you live and if this accommodation and location is working for you.
  • Health and wellbeing – This is about how physically and mentally well you are and want to be.
  • Lifelong learning – This is about the things you want to learn throughout your life. This learning can occur in many ways in your life, not just in a classroom.
  • Work – This could include volunteering or paid employment. (other meaningful activities would go in social and community participation.
  • Social and community participation – This is about you taking a part in, and sharing with others, the different things you do in your life that you enjoy and make you feel like you belong.

Before you start thinking about your hopes and dreams, why don’t you explore some of your reimagine.today peers hopes and dreams.


Before you start thinking about your hopes and dreams, you can explore example hopes and dreams in this activity.

Now it’s your turn. In your workbook complete the section ‘My life hopes, dreams and aspirations’ and start by imagining if there were no barriers, what would your ideal life look like in the future? What are your hopes and dreams? You can be as creative as you wish, these ideas are your aspirations. Then go to the section ‘Exploring my hopes and dreams’ and choose up to three to explore in more detail by answering the questions.

Remember not only are your aspirations an important part of the access and planning processes for the NDIS but they are also important for maintaining hope. In your workbook, take the time to start to fill in your aspirations that are important to you. Just remember that talking about your aspirations may make you feel vulnerable so make sure you share these when you feel comfortable with the people supporting you.

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The reimagine.today workbook can help you prepare for the NDIS