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Planning my future with goal setting

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What are goals?

These are things you want to do in the future that will help you have a good life.

In this video you can hear from some NDIS participants and carers speak about their goals, and how the NDIS is helping them achieve their goals.

You can find the transcript of this video here: Transcript-Goals

Goals are things that you put work and effort into achieving. Your aspirations are your hopes and dreams for what you would like your future to be like. These are often big and complex goals. They might take a lot of work or take a while to achieve. Often it is useful to break up these big aspirations into smaller steps. These smaller steps are also goals.

Goals can be big or small, long term or short term, complex or easy. Goals are usually measurable, meaning that you have a way of being able to tell if you have achieved them or not.

Let’s say you love painting and drawing. An aspiration you might have could be to set up a small business (a ‘microbusiness’) to sell your artwork. A goal that would help make your aspiration become a reality could be taking a course on setting up and managing a small business. This is a shorter term goal that would be a step towards your aspiration. You know you have achieved this goal when you complete the course successfully.  Then you can make another goal towards setting up your small business.

Why is goal setting important?

Here are a few reasons goal setting is important:

  • Goals give you focus
  • Goals allow you to measure your progress
  • Goals help you avoid putting things off
  • Goals give you motivation and something to aim for
  • Goals will help you take steps forward in your recovery.

The reimagine.today workbook will help you to think about your hopes and dreams for your future and turn these into goals and objectives to help make that future a reality.

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The reimagine.today workbook can help you prepare for the NDIS