Step 5

Managing my plan

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In this step you have really started to reimagine your life. When thinking about your future with NDIS funding you also need to start to think about some important decisions you will need to make about your plan. You do not have to make these decisions now but you should start exploring your options.  There are two main decisions you will need to make about managing your plan.

NDIS Coordination of Supports

Check out this video: What do you think about support coordination?

You can find the transcript for this video here: Transcript-SupportCoordination

One important support you should think about requesting as part of your plan is to have Coordination of Supports. This is an independent person who will help you select and manage, and learn to select and manage, your support services and help you to put your plan in place. They will help you to think about whether the services you are paying for are helping you or not and make changes if needed. Most people with mental health conditions will benefit from Coordination of Supports.

Things to consider

If you experience psychosocial disability you may find it hard to manage the services and supports that the National Disability Insurance Agency may give you money to pay for. It is important to get independent advice if you have little help from family or friends to make decisions and this is where a Coordinator of Supports can be really helpful. Even if you do have support from family and friends, a Coordinator of Supports can be very helpful to make sure all the services and supports you have funding for work with you to help you achieve your meaningful life. This is especially true when you first receive funding and, over time, they can help you to develop the skills to self-manage your plan. You may need a Coordinator of Supports to help you manage your NDIS plan if you need help to:

  • Do day-to-day things
  • Make choices
  • Look after your money
  • Know what to do if you have a problem.

In Step 6 of your reimagine.today workbook you will find a pros and cons lists which you could use to decide whether coordination of supports would be suitable for you.

Options for funds management

You will find the transcript for this video here: Transcript-Self-Manage

With your plan you may receive funds to pay for some of your supports. When it comes to these funds there are four options for managing your budgets and funding. You can also use a combination of options.

The following are all options for managing the funds attached to your plan. They do not actually manage your plan.


You can choose to manage your own budget. If you choose this option, the NDIS will pay you or your nominee directly for the supports in your budget(s). You can choose to self-manage a part of your budget if you do not feel confident to self-manage everything. You can even pay for someone to help you learn how to self-manage your budget as part of your support options in your plan. If you self-manage you will have more choice and control over the disability supports you can buy.

A plan nominee

This is a person you choose to manage your funds for you.

A National Disability Insurance Agency Registered Plan Management Provider

If you choose this option, your budgets are managed by a Plan Management Provider. This is usually an organisation you choose. With this option the National Disability Insurance Agency will pay your Plan Manager directly for these supports.

The National Disability Insurance Agency

If you choose to have the National Disability Insurance Agency (National Disability Insurance Agency) manage your budgets, they will pay your support provider directly.
If you become an NDIS participant, you will need to decide what options you would like to use for managing your funds. You may choose to combine options and self-manage some of your budgets but then have someone else manage your other budgets. It is about what works best for you. In Step 6 of your reimagine.today workbook you will find a pros and cons lists which you could use to decide what options for fund management would be suitable for you. It’s important to start thinking about whether you want to have a Coordinator of Support and whether you want any support to manage your budgets now, so that when you begin NDIS planning you can be sure to ask for the right supports to help you. When thinking about options it is a good idea to get advice from people who want what is best for you. If you already have supports provided by an organisation this might mean asking for independent advice from someone who doesn’t work for the same organisation.

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The reimagine.today workbook can help you prepare for the NDIS