Who’s who in the NDIA?

Step Progress:

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has many offices across Australia. They have different departments that do different things. Here are some examples of NDIA departments, sources of information and work roles that you may come across:

  • NDIS website – www.ndis.gov.au
  • The NDIS call centre  – 1800 800 110
  • Business Support Officers/ Regional Support Officers – they do follow-up phone calls, answer emails and greet people at reception when they visit NDIS offices
  • National Access Team – they make decisions about eligibility, that is whether you meet the NDIS ‘access requirements’ to join the NDIS, after you have made  an access request along with evidence of your disability (more on the access process will follow)
  • National Access Team Business Support Officers – they might contact you for more information to support your access request
  • Planning and Support Coordinators – determine what funding is reasonable and necessary.
  • Engagement Officers – these people talk with others in the community and providers to help them understand the NDIS/NDIA and give advice on issues that may arise.
  • Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) services (acronym and text doesn’t make sense, esp with below text):
    • Better link individuals to mainstream supports
    • Assist services to be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of people with disability
    • Direct investment towards evidence based services and supports that improve individual results.

The Information, Linkages and Capacity-building part of the NDIS is still quite new.

Local Area Coordinators (LACs) – help people develop their plans and link with supports and services in their community. This is described in more detail next.