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What is an NDIS plan?

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Plan format update: New NDIS Plan Formats were released in November 2018. The new plans will include:

  • a simpler layout and clearer definition of supports funded in the plan
  • how a participants goals are linked to the support they need – which could be informal, community and mainstream or NDIS funded supports
  • clear information on where and how to get help, including an NDIS primary point of contact

Basically an NDIS plan is a document that outlines your needs, goals, aspirations and disability supports required (including any funding you might receive). Your first plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIS and as your life changes so will your plan.  Everyone in the NDIS has their own unique plan.

We don’t have plans for your reimagine.today peers – Bob, Beth and Mo – as they are currently working on their first plan!

Here are samples of some other people’s NDIS plans we have permission to share with you so you can see what different plans might look like. Please note that this is an old plan format:

You can see that there are a range of funding amounts attached to these plans and most people with psychosocial disability get between $30,000 and $50,000 a year.

If you don’t believe that the supports in your first plan are fair or meet your needs you can request that the NDIA do an internal review of that decision.

If you are successful in your application to access the NDIS you will work with a National Disability Insurance Agency representative to talk about your goals and write down a list of the things you need to help you reach your goals. This is where the reimagine.today workbook can help.

The NDIS will use the information about your existing disability supports to begin to work with you to develop your first plan. A National Disability Insurance Agency representative will then have a conversation with you and/or your nominee to consider any gaps or unmet needs in your current supports and how they link to your goals.

Your plan will identify the fair supports that you really need, the ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports to meet your immediate needs as well as start to identify supports to help you achieve your goals (which you may have already identified and worked on in your reimagine.today workbook or check out the My future hopes and dreams page).

Once completed, your NDIS plan will provide you with:

  • a description of the types of services you can receive
  • the funding amounts that that you will receive to pay for services
  • control and choice in selecting organisations and workers or, in purchasing equipment, to spend your funding.

Your plan will not say who will provide you with support as you get to choose that.


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The reimagine.today workbook can help you prepare for the NDIS