Step 5 – Setting my Goals

So, you have started to reimagine your life. This is great – hope for a meaningful life is one of the most important things that may help when living with a mental health condition. It can be overwhelming trying to achieve all our hopes and dreams at once. It may be a good idea to choose the most important ones to work towards first.


Supports for goal setting

Goal setting can be challenging, and you can get other people to help you. Talking with other people can help you focus on what you want and understand what is possible.

Look at the list of support people you made in your workbook (or app) and see if any could help. If you don’t have anyone to help you don’t worry: The NDIA’s Local Area Coordination community partners can help you set goals, whether you are eligible for the NDIS or not. Your friends, family and other service providers can assist with this.

One of your goals might even be learning how to set goals!


How good are you at goal setting?


Setting goals can be hard. Your peers have some aspirations but need help setting some goals. Can you help? Check out this activity.

Exploring our goals


Looking back at the aspirations you describe in your workbook, choose 1-3 to focus on. Let’s set small steps to help you make these a reality.

In your workbook (or app) write down the aspirations you have chosen to focus on. For each aspiration think about the steps to get there. Put these steps in order. What comes first? Second? What could you aim to do in six months or a year?

Putting these activities into order, with a timeframe, helps you make goals a reality. Focus on the small parts of a goal, one at a time. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal!

To help support your application to the NDIS download the Reimagine Your Life Workbook

As you explore the 6 steps to accessing the NDIS, you will be guided to activities in the Reimagine Your Life Workbook, where you can complete questions and activities to support your application.

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