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Thank you for using the resource! is co-designed by people living with mental health conditions. Many of the people that have been involved in creating have lived experience of the NDIS. They have shared their experience to help others living with mental health conditions to better understand the NDIS. aims to support recovery whether or not you get an NDIS plan.

We hope has been useful to you in reimagining your life.

If you have more questions about the NDIS and psychosocial disability please contact the National Disability Insurance Agency: 1800 800 110.

If you have feedback about the resource please contact the Mental Health Coordinating Council:

Your feedback will help us improve the resource, not the NDIS.


Final note…

People’s experiences are unique. People’s needs for health and disability services may change over time. The NDIA is working to meet the needs of people living with a psychosocial disability and will continue to review the NDIS from a mental health perspective.

In the ‘2016 National Report on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention’, the National Mental Health Commission stated that the NDIS is important. They also noted concerns about the NDIS for people with mental health conditions, including:

  • Eligibility for people with psychosocial disability
  • Which mental health programs should be included in the NDIS
  • Quality/pricing of psychosocial supports
  • Emerging gaps in services
  • Support for carers of people with psychosocial disability
  • Availability of services that help people early
  • Supporting people, workers and services to transition
  • The impacts of other mental health reforms, as well as reforms in mainstream health and disability systems.

These and other NDIS challenges are not the focus of the resource. has been developed to help people access the NDIS.

The learnings arising from the NDIS will continue for years and the NDIA and others will work to refine the NDIS based on people’s feedback. This includes consideration of people’s support needs, outcomes and satisfaction.

Thanks and all the best.

To help support your application to the NDIS download the Reimagine Your Life Workbook

As you explore the 6 steps to accessing the NDIS, you will be guided to activities in the Reimagine Your Life Workbook, where you can complete questions and activities to support your application.

Co-designed with people living with mental health conditions and their support networks.
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Accessing the ndis in 6 Steps.