Step 6 – What is an NDIS plan?

NDIS Plans include:

  • A simple layout and clear definitions of funded supports 
  • A bit about you and your goals
  • How your funded supports will help you achieve your goals
  • A breakdown of your budgets for different supports, and,
  • Information on who to contact for help, including your primary contact at the NDIA.

Basically, an NDIS plan outlines your goals, aspirations and supports you require (including any funding you might receive). Your first plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIS. As your life changes, your plan will too. Everyone on the NDIS has their own unique plan. 

This video explains this a little more:

You can also read more on the NDIS website:

There are a range of funding amounts attached to plans. Most people with psychosocial disability get between $30,000 and $50,000 a year.

If you don’t believe that the supports in your first plan are fair or meet your needs you can request the NDIA review that decision.

If you get access to the NDIS you will talk with an NDIA person about your goals and write down the list of things you need to help you reach them. This is where the workbook (or App) can help.

The NDIA will use the information about your existing supports to develop your first plan. An NDIA person will help you consider any gaps in your current supports and how they link to your goals.

Your plan will identify the ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports you need and identify supports to help you achieve your goals (which you may have already thought about using the workbook, app or My future hopes and dreams page).

Once written, your NDIS plan will provide you with:

  • A description of the services you can get
  • The funding amounts you will get for these services
  • Choice and Control to select organisations, workers or equipment to spend your funding on.

You choose who will support you; your plan does not dictate this.

To help support your application to the NDIS download the Reimagine Your Life Workbook

As you explore the 6 steps to accessing the NDIS, you will be guided to activities in the Reimagine Your Life Workbook, where you can complete questions and activities to support your application.

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