Step 1 – The impacts of “psychosocial disability”

To understand psychosocial disability, the NDIS looks at the ‘functional impairments’, or challenges, you experience due to living with a mental health condition. Everyone’s experience of a mental health condition is different: The impact on your participation in your community can range from no impact to severe.

For example, one person who experiences anxiety may find it does not impact them day-to-day and, while uncomfortable in some circumstances, they can still join in many activities. However, another person who experiences anxiety may find the impact very high and may struggle with human contact, causing them to become isolated.

To access NDIS-funded support, you need to show:

  • that you experience psychosocial disability related to your mental health condition; and
  • the impact this has on your life in terms of mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care and self-management.

Begin thinking about what supports you need to manage these challenges. This is called ‘pre-planning’, which is an early step in developing your NDIS plan.

To help support your application to the NDIS download the Reimagine Your Life Workbook

As you explore the 6 steps to accessing the NDIS, you will be guided to activities in the Reimagine Your Life Workbook, where you can complete questions and activities to support your application.

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Accessing the ndis in 6 Steps.