Reimagine My Life Workbook

This workbook is designed to support people living with mental health conditions through the NDIS. It can also be used by workers, supporters, family, carers and more. Download your workbook now:


It is also available in the following community languages: Arabic, Assyrian, Chinese – Simplified, Korean, Persian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Self-Care & Skill-Building Hubs

The NDIS journey can be difficult. The Self-Care Hub is made to support you with ideas for self-care activities and advice. The Skill-Building Hub explores other skills that may be useful along the way.

On these hubs you’ll find:

  • Interactive activities
  • Resources to support you
  • Advice from peers about the NDIS.

Self-Care Hub    |     Skill-Building Hub

Community Hubs

We worked with communities across Australia to create resources to support you with the NDIS. These Hubs were made by and for people from within each of these communities, with lived experience of mental health conditions, as well as their carers and other supports. No matter who you are, there will be something here for you! Take a look!

Resources for Professionals

Here we’ve grouped together some resources we think are particularly useful for professionals:

  • GP checklist – for patients to use with you when preparing an application
  • NDIS Planning Meeting Checklist – to support with preparing for planning meetings
  • Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the NDIS – an eLearning module for workers, built from the lived experience of people in the community of Cherbourg, QLD:

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the NDIS

  • This eLearning covers important information to support people from within LGBTIQ+ communities with their NDIS service delivery:

Support with NDIS service delivery – LGBTIQ+ communities

  • Hear from participants about their experiences of stigma and discrimination:

External links

Để yểm trợ đơn xin gia nhập NDIS của quý vị hãy tải xuống Sách Bài Tập Hình Dung Lại Cuộc Sống Của Quý (Reimagine Your Life Workbook)

Trong lúc thăm dò sáu bước để gia nhập NDIS, quý vị sẽ được hướng dẫn đến với những sinh hoạt trong Sách Bài Tập Hình Dung Lại Cuộc Sống Của Quý Vị, trong đó quý vị có thể hoàn thành các câu hỏi và sinh hoạt nhằm yểm trợ đơn xin của quý vị.

Được thiết kế cùng với những người sống chung với các vấn đề sức khỏe tâm thần và những mạng lưới hỗ trợ của họ.
  • Được tài trợ bởi

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